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Tanning Services

The history of leather production dates back to prehistoric times when primitive methods were developed for treating animal hides/skins to protect people from elements. There are more then 60 steps in the tanning process which include careful selection of raw hides and skins - warehousing, beaming, tanning, dying, coloring and finishing. Each step is handled with strict attention to detail. Several operations are required to convert the perishable raw skins into a durable material. Colonial Tanning uses only the finest tanning chemicals and dye stuffs to ensure the very best quality. Although these chemicals and dyes are more expensive, they certainly make a better product. Colonial Tanning Corporation, CONTRACT TANNERS of North American white tail deer, elk, moose, bison, cow, goat and horse. We are Custom Color Specialists for imports, crusts, leathers. We are ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS and have the latest in earth friendly, environmental equipment. Colonial Tanning offers every customer both quality and service. Contact us for more information

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Tanning Services